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Here’s the link for the 5 no-fee high interest (currently 2.5% interest) savings accounts that you can link to your Chequing account (bank you use for your regular transactions). There’s an option to get a bank card with this that is brand new- no transaction fees to use it to withdraw money from any ATM anywhere in the world and it would be linked to one of your 5 savings accounts, so if you travel abroad, use that card if you need to withdraw money. It’s like a debit card but can be used anywhere a MasterCard is used and offers cash back but you’re not borrowing money, like you would with a normal credit card. I just ordered mine. I have also linked EQ Bank to my existing bank account and I just move money and have certain amounts I’ve determined, come out of my regular bank account (chequing account) automatically after I get paid for things like “vacation fund”, “new car fund” “car repair/tire change fund”, “emergency savings fund”, “house renos” etc. if you get paid monthly, then divide your annual amounts by 12. If you get paid biweekly, divide them by 26. It can take up to 3 business days to see the money back in your regular Chequing account after doing a transfer from EQ to your chequing account. Or you can also send yourself an e-transfer for the money to be there sooner 🙂

If you use this link, you’ll get a free $20 when you open this account and so will we. We are not affiliated with EQ Bank, but rather just a customer of theirs and am sharing our referral link with you. I believe you have to deposit $100 into the account within 30 days of opening it to get the free $20, so be sure to do that.

EQ Bank is covered under CDIC- so deposits are protected for up to $100K, just like all of the brick and mortar banks (Servus, RBC, Scotia, BMO, TD, etc).

I downloaded the EQ Bank App on my iPhone and keep it with my other banking apps in the “finance” section of my phone.

Marie Dean/Dan Dean has invited you to sign up with EQ Bank to get a $20 referral bonus!

This bonus is just the start of the great value you’ll get as an EQ Bank customer: 

– Earn everyday high interest 

– Send as many free Interac e-Transfers® as you like 

– Enjoy no monthly fees and no minimum balance 

– Send cheap and fast international money transfers, and more! 

Ready to get your $20 bonus? Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Sign up for an EQ Bank Savings Plus Account using one of these links
  1. Simply fund the account with a minimum of $100 within the first 30 days to qualify. 
  2. The next business day, $20 will be deposited into your account 

It’s that easy! 

For more details about the EQ Bank referral program, please read the Terms & Conditions