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Medical Student Offer

Find out more about the value of the Medical Student Offer in this short video.

Introduction to Disability Insurance

Are you protecting your greatest asset? 

Introduction to CI

Learn how critical illness insurance can protect you.

The Program

Read all about the program in this informational brochure.

Your Needs

The Facts

Can’t happen to you? If so, you may be defying the odds….

Risk Calculator

What are your unique statistical chances?

Needs Analysis

How much protection will you require?

Self-Directed Investing

We’re happy to help you with financial planning and investments. But if you’re more interested in self-directed investing and lower fees, we ‚Äčrecommend CI Direct Investing. Marie and Dan use this platform and are impressed with the ease of use, low fees and great returns.


What plan or program is right for you? Here is a handy comparison.

Making The Right Choice

Learn the experience of one of our pharmacist clients