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Transform your employees’ health benefits with our digital platform, myHSA.

We offer comprehensive benefit customization, allowing employers to tailor plans to their specific needs. Whether it’s carving out specific items or integrating with a traditional insured benefit plan, we provide flexibility. Our online support is available 24/7, with real staff members ready to assist through live chat, ensuring personalized and efficient assistance for your employees.

With myHSA, you can experience real-time processes that streamline claim approvals and provide accurate balances and reports instantly. Our system reflects the latest activity, keeping you up to date to the second. Additionally, we prioritize cost control, allowing you to build plans with set amounts that align with your budget, eliminating concerns of going over or increasing costs. Choose myHSA for a seamless and efficient claims process.

Our platform caters to companies of all sizes, from individual incorporated business owners to small, mid-size, and large employers. We deliver flexible products and add-ons that meet employees’ diverse lifestyles, ensuring satisfaction across the board. Whether you opt for myHSA, our non-taxable alternative or supplementation to traditional benefits plans, myWSA, our wellness spending account promoting healthier lifestyles, or myFlexplan, our most popular plan offering HSA and WSA items, we empower employees to prioritize their well-being. Join us to revolutionize your employees’ health benefits and unlock a world of possibilities.

Ready to transform your employee’s benefits?