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Banks know that the financial weight of a mortgage can scare people into thinking about what happens if they die suddenly, or develop a health condition that prevents them from working.

That’s why they make this sales pitch to their mortgage customers: Buy our life, disability and/or critical illness insurance to protect you and your loved ones if you can’t pay your mortgage. You should definitely consider insurance like this, but not the kind your bank sells. Instead, buy it from an insurance company.

Several reasons to not to buy bank mortgage insurance can be drawn from the experience of personal injury lawyer Nainesh Kotak. Mr. Kotak gets called by people who bought mortgage life, disability or CI insurance from a bank and had their claims denied.

A big reason for these denials is that only cursory attention is made to your medical background during the sales process by banks. “They rely solely on six or seven questions that are quite confusing, or they’re quite broad,” Mr. Kotak said. “So, there’s a lot of room for denied claims.”